Occupational Therapy tool, interactiveMe, provides invaluable support at Westacre

interactiveMe Occupational Therapy interactiveMe Occupational Therapy tool A resident using interactiveMe at Westacre

All residents moving in to Westacre are offered our interactiveMe service. This Occupational Therapy-led service enables us to ensure your relative has the best 1-1 engagement during their stay here. An interactiveMe practitioner will assess your relative and create a rich and detailed profile giving our staff a tool to keep your relative mentally stimulated and improve their wellbeing. We understand that you want peace of mind regarding your loved one’s activity and engagement levels. Working together with our trusted partner interactiveMe, we would therefore like to provide this service as part of our care package.

From the Founder, Sam Dondi-Smith, “interactiveMe is enabling the staff at Westacre to really get to know their residents’ stories and how to build the best possible relationship with them. It helps the staff to deliver more compassionate care and build better relationships with the people they support.”

Marian using interactiveMe at Westacre

Marian using interactiveMe at Westacre

What is interactiveMe?

It’s like an interactive ‘This Is Your Life’ for your relative which allows our care staff to keep your relative mentally stimulated and engage with our staff on a 1-1 basis. interactiveMe allows us to build meaningful conversations by using it as a therapeutic activity. Your relative’s secure profile will contain their own story, favourite photos, music, audio and text. It was created by Occupational Therapists alongside people with dementia and their carers, and is really easy for staff and families to use.

Key Benefits of interactiveMe

Improve communication, memory recall and reduce anxiety.

interactiveMe can improve a person’s communication with our care staff and help improve the recollection of their memories. The engagement that the service provides can also reduce behaviours that challenge and social isolation.

Learning about your relative. interactiveMe is a proven way for care staff to get to know your loved one’s story quickly, which improves the care they receive. Each profile contains your relative’s life story, likes and dislikes, favourite music and family photos.

One-to-one Occupational Therapy.

Occupational Therapy is an evidence-based profession believing that therapeutic activities should be personal and individualised. interactiveMe is used as a one-to-one therapy and improves how care staff can plan personalised activities for your loved one.

Music Therapy.

Each profile contains your relative’s favourite music which can be used for singing, listening or dancing.

Music therapy has been proven to reduce depression, improve communication skills and increase social functioning.

Family Access.

You will have remote online access to your relative’s secure profile so you can update the information and ‘post’ new photographs and music.

Care staff can also ‘post’ photos of your relative which can update you on how they are being supported.

How do we start the process?

interactiveMe is offered to every permanent resident who moves into Westacre. A member of the team will be in touch to organise an appropriate time to conduct an initial interview once our paperwork has been signed. If you’d like to find out more about interactiveMe please visit their website.

Meaningful and measurable engagement with interactiveMe