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At Westacre we know how important it is for nursing homes to keep residents and families up to date. Whether you’re a current service user, or looking for respite care, give our newsletter archive a browse to learn more about our home. These monthly newsletters are created for families, residents and staff to give updates on the activities, events and general goings-on at Westacre. We hope that you find it an entertaining and informative read. If you’d like to keep up to date with our activities and events, please consider following us on Facebook where we post multiple times a week sharing photos, news, and miscellaneous information about Westacre:


January 2022 Newsletter

A look back across the past year at all the wonderful activities we’ve been able to reintroduce throughout 2021.

Westacre January 2022 Newsletter Thumbnail

December 2021 Newsletter

Updating Covid 19 Visiting Guidance, Vespa, Em’s Visiting Farm, Upcoming Activities and New First Floor Lounge

Westacre December 2021 Newsletter Thumbnail

November 2021 Newsletter

Introducing Vespa our Rescue Cat, Wild Science Visit, Westacre Clinic Room, Our New Clinical Lead, Upcoming Activities

Westacre November 2021 Newsletter Thumbnail

October 2021 Newsletter

Visiting Room News, Songbird Entertainments Visit, Wildlife Garden, Moon Cake Tasting, Staff Training, Upcoming Activities

Westacre October 2021 Newsletter Thumbnail

September 2021 Newsletter

Exciting new additions to the home, Mill Farm Animal Experience, Birds of Prey Visit, Pub Day, Staff Promotions, Upcoming Activities

Westacre September 2021 Newsletter Thumbnail

August 2021 Newsletter

Updated Covid Guidance June 19th, Animal therapy, St Swithin’s Day, Summer, Strange Science Animal Visit, Upcoming Activities

Westacre August 2021 Newsletter Thumbnail

July 2021 Newsletter

Updated Covid Guidance, Updated Covid-19 Guidance, Meet the Staff – Justyna, Upcoming Farm Visit, Upcoming Activities

Westacre July 2021 Newsletter Thumbnail

June 2021 Newsletter

Garden Club, Trips Out of the Home Guide, Meet the Staff – Hollie, Trip to… Days, Upcoming Activities

Westacre June 2021 Newsletter Thumbnail

May 2021 Newsletter

Garden Club, New Hairdressing Procedure, Meet the Staff – John, Poppy, Upcoming Activities

Westacre May 2021 Newsletter Thumbnail

April 2021 Newsletter

Saint Patrick’s Day, Second Covid-19 Vaccination, Meet the Manager, Memory Walk Fundraiser Results, Upcoming Activities

Westacre April 2021 Newsletter Thumbnail

March 2021 Newsletter

Memory Walk Fundraiser, Meet Dean, animal therapy, International Food Tasting Day, Indoor Visiting Procedure, Upcoming Activities

Westacre March 2021 Newsletter Thumbnail

February 2021 Newsletter

Vaccination victory, Burns Night celebrations, animal therapy, International Flower Day!, Meet the Staff, Upcoming Activities

Westacre February 2021 Newsletter Thumbnail

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