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Communication is Essential

Communicating is important for all, and especially for people with dementia

As we all begin to get to grips with life on lockdown, ‘keep connected and keep communicating’ are messages we are already becoming familiar with.

In accordance with the measures the government has clearly set out, there are many millions of people up and down the country self-isolating. But cut off from our usual routines and our places of work, unable to see friends or family, or even stop into our favourite coffee shop, now is the time to communicate.

Rather than let our homes be filled with silence, we can all be proactive about reaching out to those we love and care for – especially older people or those who live alone. We might be confined to our homes – but we don’t have to be lonely.

For many of our residents with dementia, keeping them connected with loved ones is even more vital. Communicating and interacting with family and friends not only gives them a boost in the here and now, it also provides a link with their memories and their past experiences, which has shown to improve the condition.

Stay in Touch

Thankfully, technology affords a multitude of ways we can keep in touch, from the phone, to email, to video calls – not forgetting good old-fashioned letters. And here at Westacre we make use of all of them to ensure our residents get the contact they want and need with loved ones.

And whilst our staff are taking care to practice social distancing, they are working even harder at keeping lines of communication open and keeping residents engaged and stimulated – for example we’re still holding plenty of exciting initiatives, but with internal staff running all the activities, rather than external providers.

As always, the health and safety of our residents is at the heart of everything we do – and that means taking all appropriate steps around Coronavirus. But so too is their wellbeing – so on top of that we are doing what it takes to minimise any impact on their emotional health and that of their families. This unprecedented time of self-isolation and social distancing is not something anyone should face alone, so we will keep calm and keep on communicating!

Keep Communicating