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Out of Care Home Visits Guidance

As part of the government’s further relaxation of Covid-19 rules for care homes, Westacre residents are allowed out-of-home visits. We have prepared a short FAQ to answer any questions you might have about the government’s new guidance. For further guidance, please visit the government website.

Care home visiting guidance for trips out:

From May the 17th, care home, and nursing home residents are allowed to have trips out of the house so long as they are accompanied by a friend or relative that has been designated as a ‘nominated visitor’. Care homes are now allowed to facilitate residents and families to engage in ‘low risk’ trips outside the home without the need to isolate on return.

What are ‘low-risk trips’?

The government defines low-risk as:

  • Meeting others in outdoor spaces such as parks, gardens
  • GP appointments, excluding overnight stays in hospital
  • To take part in activities to facilitate wellness and individual health such as places of worship
  • Day centres
  • To take part in education or training

Westacre out of home visits

The government current warns against:

  • Using public transport. Please travel by family vehicle or private taxi.
  • Staying overnight
  • Going to heavily crowded areas
  • Indoor spaces that do not constitute work, training, or education

What if we want to make an indoor visit or use public transport?

Indoor trips are not currently permitted by the government. If a resident has had an overnight stay or engaged in an indoor visit, they will be required to isolate for 14 days upon return to the home. Please keep the trips to the low-risk areas listed above, and contact the home if this has not been possible.

Do we need to be tested?

The current government guidance states that:

Where visits out are accompanied by a named visitor, visitors should follow their relevant testing regime and receive negative test results. For essential care givers, this is the same testing requirements as staff. For all other named visitors, this is a rapid lateral flow test taken on the day of the visit.

We are more than happy to provide the lateral flow test for you, which should take just 30 minutes. Please be aware of this 30-minute wait when planning your trips.

Who can accompany care home residents on out-of-home visits?

Residents may be accompanied by

  • Care Providers
  • One of their nominated visitors
  • A member of care home staff.

The concept of ‘nominated visitors’ was introduced by the government as the first stage in their lockdown easing back on the 8th of March. The number of nominated visitors was then further raised to 5 on the 17th of May. Please contact the home if you are not currently named a designated visitor.

What precautions do we need to take? Do we need to give the home notice?

All precautions relating to the government’s covid-19 should be followed.

  • Please contact the home to let us know of your arrangements in advance of your out of home visits.
  • You should comply with current social distancing rules by maintaining distance from anyone outside of your relative’s circle of care.
  • Where residents are visiting out to somewhere with an existing testing regime, for example, a workplace, day care centre or education setting, they should participate in the relevant testing regime for that organisation where possible. Please use the NHS track and trace QR codes where possible.

Can we visit non-nominated visitors?

Of course! You are more than welcome to take them to visit family or friends outside the circle of care, provided that the location of the visit is one of those outlined in the low-risk section above. It is important however that you make sure that you comply with social distancing rules to ensure the safety of your loved one and the home.

Do we need to wear PPE?

Please wear masks and avoid physical contact.

Do they have to quarantine when they get back to the home?

The resident will not be required to isolate if the trip has been low risk. Care home residents have to isolate themselves when they have used public transport, had a meeting indoors or had an overnight stay.

What to do if you or anyone involved in a visit develops symptoms?

If you or anyone else involved in the visit develop Covid-19 symptoms, please contact the home in the soonest possible instance so we can take necessary precautions to protect the home.

Westacre Nursing Home’s Procedure:

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